Friday, July 13, 2012

I Did Not Know I Am On The Six Weeks To OMG Diet Plan Which Has Me Skinnier Than All My Friends

I had not heard of SIX WEEKS TO OMG til yesterday.

When I learned the details of this new fad diet I was appalled to realize I've basically been on the OMG diet for months.

I did not realize this was the reason I'd gotten skinnier than all my friends.

A guy calling himself Venice A. Fultion, who also goes by Paul Khanna, is the creator of this magical way to lose weight.

Apparently weight loss professionals have been critical of the   OMG diet.

As I understand it, the claim is that following the OMG method will allow you to lose 20 - 30 pounds in Six Weeks, thus causing your friends to say "OMG" when they see the new skinny you.

The Six Weeks to OMG plan, as I understand it, is each morning of the Six Weeks, you get up and drink a lot of coffee to amp up your energy level and metabolism.

Then you go get yourself some calorie burning exercise. I assume this would be walking fast, jogging, riding a bike, swimming, that type thing.

After you are done getting your exercise you're supposed to get into a tub of not warm water, thus making your body work hard to keep you warm.

You let 3 hours go by from the time you drink the coffee til you eat your first food of the day.

And the food you consume must be heavily weighted to lean proteins, cutting way back on the carbs.

Does this sound all that much different from the Atkins Diet?

The claim the pseudo diet doctor is making is that with no food in your system you body is going to burn fat to energize the exercise, with additional fat burned when your body has to work to warm you when you're in that tub of cold water.

My version of the OMG plan has been that I drink coffee, then do some exercising on a Nautilus machine, then go swimming, then take a cold shower after the swim. And then have something light and lean for breakfast, which usually takes place a couple hours, not three, after I've had my morning coffee.

I have gotten skinnier. I don't know if it my accidental version of the OMG diet that has caused me to get skinnier than all my friends. I suspect the real culprit is I've been eating less and exercising more.