Thursday, April 24, 2014

America Continues In The Top Spot As Most Obese Nation In The World

NationMaster Nation Ranking Obesity Chart
Some Americans like to think that America is #1 in just about anything imaginable.

There is a website, NationMaster, which compares the nations of the world in all sorts of categories.

America is in the top spot in many of those categories.

One of the categories America is #1 in is Obesity.

As in the United States of America is the most Obese nation in the world.

You can go to the NationMaster website and check out the stats for Health and Obesity.

America is not as healthy as some other nations in the world in several health statistics.

With 30.6% of Americans at a state of being overweight to a level that is considered Obese it got me wondering what the grand total poundage of all that excess weight might be. How many calories to the Obese Americans have collectively stored, in fat, on their bodies?

How much did all that weight cost to add  to all those Obese bodies? In other words, how much wealth is invested in all those excess pounds?

If the 30.6% of American who are Obese decided to go on a diet would this cause some sort of economic mayhem? That is one statistic I would really like to know, as in, how much money has all that extra weight cost to gain?