Saturday, February 25, 2017

Via Weight Watchers Oprah Winfrey Reveals She Likes Chips

Oprah announcing she likes chips
I cut the TV cable cord over two years ago. At some point in time after the cord cutting one of my television viewing methods became CBS All  Access.

Watching TV online one soon finds oneself seeing the same commercial.

Over and over and over again.

Usually the commercial repetitiveness is easy to ignore.

But every once in a while there is a commercial which wears out its welcome.

I like Oprah Winfrey. The whole world likes Oprah Winfrey. What is not to like about Oprah Winfrey?


I do not like Oprah's Weight Watcher ads, which repeat, ad nauseam, literally, on CBS.

There is one moment in Oprah's Weight Watcher ads which has become especially cringe worthy.

Oprah is talking to a woman who has lost a lot of weight with this special new Weight Watcher program which apparently, magically, lets  you eat all you want, and is a finely tuned 15% more effective than the previous Weight Watcher program.

Oprah asks the woman how the weight loss shows up in her life. The woman shares a point or two, marvels about now knowing how to eat right, and that she eats more than when she used to gain weight whilst eating.

And then the woman shares with Oprah that on this Weight Watchers program she can eat chips.

To which Oprah excitedly shares, in shout mode, like it a a news flash,  that "I like chips." And then, in case this revelation has not sunk in, excitedly repeats "I like chips."

I think it was somewhere around the 50th time I heard Oprah declare that she likes chips that the Weight Watchers commercials started to wear out their welcome.

Early on, after learning Oprah likes chips I wondered what type chips she was liking. Potato chips, tortilla chips, some other type of chips? Or any type of chip.

Eventually I quit wondering about what type chips Oprah liked and just wanted her to quit talking about it...