Friday, August 3, 2012

Colin Farrell Uses NBC's Biggest Loser to Get in Shape for Total Recall

NBC's Biggest Loser is one of Irish actor Colin Farrell's favorite American TV shows.

When Colin Farrell got the lead role in a 2012 remake of the 1990 version of Total Recall, playing the Arnold Schwarzenegger character, Douglas Quaid, Farrell faced the dilemma of needing to get himself in Schwarzenegger shape.

And, so Farrell decided to follow the same course of action he'd seen work so often on Biggest Loser.

When Colin Farrell began his Biggest Loser losing plan he was not hugely overweight, or hugely out of shape. What he needed to do was get himself in fighting trim, with his gut sucked in and his manboobs firmed up.

To quote Colin Farrell on his get in shape plan...“One of my favorite shows on television is The Biggest Loser. When people that size can lose weight and get healthy again, it is possible for anyone, I ate lots of greens and chicken, I didn’t order dessert for four months. I stayed off the sugar and got myself on the treadmill. It’s just discipline and not that hard when you apply the science to it."

I hope Colin Farrell is able to keep in the good shape he got into for Total Recall and does not blimp up again, a phenomenon that happens to so many of us after successfully getting in good shape for a movie part.