Friday, August 23, 2013

Saudi King Abdullah Orders Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari To Lose Weight

In the picture you are looking at a Saudi Arabian named Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari.

Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari is in his late teens. At 1,345 pounds he is believed to be one of the heaviest, most obese, people in the world.

Saudi King Abdullah learned of his morbidly obese subject and ordered that he be transferred from his residence in the South Saudi province of Jazan to the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, to undergo treatment at the King Fahd Medical City.

It took a forklift to get Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari, strapped to his bed, to a truck to take him to a plane to fly him to Riyadh where the Fahd Medical City has built special beds and trolleys to facilitate moving Khalid.

Khalid's treatment will be a series of exercise and nutritional programs designed to help him shrink.

Apparently many nations in the Middle East have developed an obesity problem. Kuwait, at 42.8%, has the largest number of obese citizens. Saudi Arabia is slightly less obese with 35.2% its people being obese.

I was unable to find any information as to what it is that Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari consumed that caused him to put on so much weight at such a young age.

I have only observed, up close, the feeding habits of one morbidly obese person. It was easy to see why this person continually gained weight.

What I don't understand is what causes people to continue to over consume calories once they reach the point where mobility is compromised.

Friday, June 7, 2013

America's Number One Obesity Ranking With Mexico Coming In Second

I am currently located in Texas. Texas is in the American South. The American South is the most obese region of America.

When I exit Texas and head North and West the population begins noticeably shrinking by the time I get to Colorado and remains shrunk all the way to the West Coast.

The Wikipedia article titled Epidemiology of obesity contains the following blurb about the overweight American South....

As of 2007, 33% of men and 36% of women are obese. Rates of obesity vary between social groups, with minorities and low-income individuals more likely to be overweight. The rates are as high as 50% among African American women.

Geography is a major factor. The American South has been described alternatively as "Stroke belt", "Obesity belt", or "Diabetes belt", to reflect the fact that all residents of the region have high incidences of these three conditions, compared to people of the same race/ethnicity elsewhere in the country. 

The American South is the most obese region of America. Can you guess what is the most obese developed country on the planet? If you guessed America, you guessed correctly....

Developed Nation Obesity Ranking

Rank  Countries  Amount  
# 1    United States:30.6% 
# 2    Mexico:24.2% 
# 3    United Kingdom:23% 
# 4    Slovakia:22.4% 
# 5    Greece:21.9% 
# 6    Australia:21.7% 
# 7    New Zealand:20.9% 
# 8    Hungary:18.8% 
# 9    Luxembourg:18.4% 
# 10    Czech Republic:14.8% 
# 11    Canada:14.3% 
# 12    Spain:13.1% 
# 13    Ireland:13% 
# 14    Germany:12.9% 
= 15    Portugal:12.8% 
= 15    Finland:12.8% 
# 17    Iceland:12.4% 
# 18    Turkey:12% 
# 19    Belgium:11.7% 
# 20    Netherlands:10% 
# 21    Sweden:9.7% 
# 22    Denmark:9.5% 
# 23    France:9.4% 
# 24    Austria:9.1% 
# 25    Italy:8.5% 
# 26    Norway:8.3% 
# 27    Switzerland:7.7% 
= 28    Korea, South:3.2% 
= 28    Japan:3.2% 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Chaz Bono Loses 60 Pounds By Changing His Eating Habits.

Chaz Bono is sending out an admirably good message regarding weight loss.

Chaz Bono has been in the news lately due to his 60 pound weight loss, which has rendered a noticeably slimmer Chaz Bono.

Chaz is not promoting any special diet as being his means of achieving significant weight reduction.

What Chaz Bono is promoting is the fact that he lost weight by learning to eat a more properly nutritious diet.

As in Chaz Bono knocked off the high calorie snacks and desserts and junk food and started eating more fruits and vegetables and lean meats.

With the healthier diet Chaz felt more energetic, which brought about an amped up exercise regimen, which also amped up the weight loss.

I think Dancing with the Stars should give Chaz Bono another shot at the coveted mirror ball trophy.

If Chaz could talk his mom, Cher, into also dancing, Dancing with the Stars would have the biggest star dancing that they have ever had on the ballroom floor....