Friday, January 24, 2014

I Don't Think I Will Be Getting Myself A Flattering Man Push Up Muscle Shirt

This morning on Facebook one of my Facebook friends had posted a link to a website called The Flattering Man.

The Facebook Friend posting The Flattering Man link wrote that he was ordering one of these for his brother.

My reaction upon first seeing the advertisement for The Push Up Muscle Shirt was that it was a ridiculous idea.

So, I went to The Flattering Man website and soon found out that I was correct about The Push Up Muscle Shirt being a ridiculous idea.

The Flattering Man website opens to the page you see above, suggesting you order a Muscle Shirt right now so as to squeeze your fat into muscles, instantly.

A short time after the initial page loads the screen goes white and loads a video.

Soon a very muscular man walks through a door, towards the viewer. Then the muscular man gets in the viewers face verbalizing words along the line of...

"Don't you run away. You stay right where you are. I have something you need to hear. What's wrong with you? You really think there is a shirt that can turn a fat slob like you into looking like a muscular man like me? You think that would impress a woman? What would a woman think when you took off your shirt and she sees you are a fat man?"

I did not listen to the entire lecture. The audio was a bit choppy. I think my paraphrasing above is fairly close to what the muscular man was saying, but for your own amusement, go to The Flattering Man website and hear it with your own ears.

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Fat Bastardo said...

OINK! Good call! Compressing ones belly makes eating uncomfortable and power eating impossible. As a fatling I Fat Bastardo worked long and hard to create my massive belly and damn I'd not going to hide it. I will display it with fat pride along with my moobs.

BTW, I had to change my name to Fat Bastardo because Fat Bastard wines is raising a stink and I have some new blogs of interest.


I have created a new man friendly NAAFA. North American Association of Fat Asses

I also have a fat political blog featuring fat fair and friendly reporting called Bigger Fatter Politics. Here is link. News With Fattitude: Bigger Fatter Politics

I post all the news that the main stream media doesn't have the belly for. OINK!