Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mixed Messages About Childhood Obesity & Eating At McDonald's

Did the billboard installers not catch the irony in the above pair of billboards?

With the billboard on top admonishing that one should not take Childhood Obesity lightly and to eat fruits & vegetables and be active. And saying that Food Stamps can help. Including a phone number to call to see if you qualify for Food Stamps.

And then below the Childhood Obesity billboard, a McDonald's billboard, touting McDonald's Dollar Menu, with a young lady on a McDonald's Shopping Spree, holding 2 bags, likely full of Dollar Menu items like the McDouble, Bacon Cheeseburger, Hash Browns, Fries, McChicken Sandwich, Sausage Burrito, Sausage McMuffin, Apple Pies and Hot Fudge Sundaes. She likely does not have the Dollar Menu Fruit n/ Yogurt Parfait or Side Salad in her McDonald's bags.

I don't know about you, but all those McDonald's Dollar Menu items made me a bit hungry for a Bacon Cheeseburger, a McChicken Sandwich and Fries. No wonder I must fight constantly trending towards the onslaught of obesity....

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